Monday, May 06, 2019

drabblers' condition

drabblers' condition is a minor ailment derived from the self-imposed rule that one must compose and post one new drabble every day in the month of may. the condition lies dormant until the drabbler becomes either lazy, overwhelmed, or uninspired; thereby missing one day of continuous composition and posting. drabblers afflicted with this condition have two courses of action in which to alleviate the condition. one, one can simply carry on, pretending no days have gone missed. or two, compose an extra drabble the next day and pretend no days of gone missed. this condition only occurs in may.

1 comment:

Prim said...

Welcome back, Katy! :)

I had not heard of the word "drabble" before your posts.

I find it to be a challenging, yet doable, form for circumventing the critic.

I "borrowed" the idea for my unknown-but-to-me blog. Of course, I sourced you with a link.

Thank you for your continued courage to share your process and (really good) product.