Friday, February 24, 2017


bustle. now there's a word.
bustle. in the square. in the leaves.

constant bustle. bustlement.

bus-t-le. busetele. bustling beetle.
beetlement. so it's easy to get lost.

lost in the bustle of the city.
the city state with a curious

lack of pigeons. and women.

weaving. winging. pecking.
protecting and bustling.

well manicured. but a weevil.
a little beetle. can get lost

in the bustle. the city bustle.
and dodge the eyes of bishops

caring for the olive trees.

an olive weevil. a bustling.
a leaf eating. a stealth agent.

in a city with a population
this small. but with this many

bustling visitors.

a weevil gets away with a lot.
a lot of leaves. bustle from tree to tree.

a weevil in vatican city.

1 comment:

Aaron Blakeley said...

I have never been to the Vatican. I have to say though as I progressed through the poem I was surprised to find myself there without a sense of awe but a sense of cynicism. It is always nice to find a poem that can take me to the moment it describes.