Thursday, April 02, 2015

Yeast. Bees? Geese. (2/29 title by Evan)

Part 1: Yeast.

... don't give my any of your
nano-brewery bullshit

it was made in a bathtub
wasn't it?

Part 2: Bees?

... those aren't sweaters, that's...
just the color of their fur.

... or whatever.  fuzz.  i don't
know what bees are made of, do i?

Part 3: Geese.

feathers and monocles.  right.
and nick frost is going to jump

right out of this whoopee pie
that is really some cake

in the shape of cookies
sandwiched around... stuff.

nothing to do with pie.

stop looking at me.


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Love this one!