Monday, June 23, 2014

Ten Reasons NOT to be Sad

I am sad today.  I have a reason to be.  But I also have a lot of reasons not to be sad...

Ryan - my amazing and wonderful husband and best friend

Rowdy - my amazing and wonderful and crazy (and secretly affectionate) feline friend

Jack - another amazing and wonderful bag of feline fur who fits himself into tiny boxes and somehow makes it look comfortable

Alli - yet another amazing and wonderful feline who likes to cuddle while we watch tv

the Bike my dad gave me - I finally went out this morning for a bike ride.  I only went out for 25 minutes, but it's in preparation to be able to ride the distance to work comfortably.

my New Watch - it's small and white and has big numbers and it's also water proof.  now I will be able to tell the time in my weight watchers meetings and on my runs and bike rides.

my Family - although there are occasional rough patches, everyone in my family and my husbands family are loving and caring

all my Jobs - I have three, and my own business, which means I work a lot, but it means Ryan and I are able to do more.  And I like everything I do.  I hope I can keep doing it all. 

Online Shopping - and My Husband for letting me get some summer clothes!

Netflix - because you can watch almost whatever you want these days


Nicole said...

Here. Have a hug. *hug*

Anonymous said...

I found this inspiring. We have so much to be grateful for yet some days we do feel sad. This reminded me of all the wonderful things to be happy about :) so thank you.