Monday, October 29, 2012

i am grateful for... (22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31)

okay, so i haven't been posting every day recently.  it's not that i've been any busier than normal, i've honestly just been a normal amount of busy.  so i have no excuses. 
it's a little pitiful that i only made it 21 out of 31 days.  it makes me look a little ungrateful.  it seems like there are only 21 things to be grateful for; but that's not true.  there are many,  many more things i am grateful for, and since starting this little project, i've caught myself several times a day thinking "i am grateful for that".
here are some examples that haven't made it into post form yet...
today, during the hurricane, rowdy has been watching leaves, branches, and rain drops wisp past him at the new sliding door onto the deck.  i am grateful for rowdy's curiosity, for his concern, and his cute little concerned-sounding meow.  i am grateful for the deck.  and i am grateful today, for still having our electricity on while so many others are already without it.
a week or two ago i was driving home from weighing in at my meeting in Hyannis when i saw a white truck pulled over on the side of the road where the Barnstable Youth Ranch horses hang out eating lots of grass, and there was a man stood outside the car.  he stopped to look at all the horses.  it was really sweet and comforting.  this man took the time to stop and admire the big animals.  animals that so many people,  myself included, otherwise simply drive past without giving them very much consideration at all.  we take them for granted.  i was grateful to that man for making me pay better attention and respect to those horses.  i think i will notice them more fondly now forever because of him.
our toilet is still broken, and has been for over a week already.  today, as i was sat backwards on it, trying to fix it and failing because i don't have the right tools yet, i thought how lucky we are to have two full bathrooms in our house.  i am so grateful for the multitude of things we have and have at our disposal.  i am so lucky.  i could list so many tools and trinkets i am grateful for: my oven (even though the dial doesn't turn down, only up), the microwave (although i only use it once every blue moon for heating, i use it all the time as a kitchen timer), the kettle (lovely, lovely kettle, for which i do have a back up just in case of a tea emergency), my special orange macaron spatula, my laptop (which is all mine), the two tiled pillows i bought at walmart for $9 each, the big ugly bar of green soap someone got me from France (that i never use because it's ugly colored, but i still like having products of France in the bathroom), all the cat scratching posts, hand rails on the stairs, my gorgeous washing machine, the deck!  there are so many more... it would be like a grocery list of all of our possessions.  you would likely stop reading.
i am grateful for alli, and the way she meeps when you try to pick her up.  for jack, and the way he snores when he's in deep sleep.  for rowdy, as mentioned above. 
for ryan, for new reasons every day, i am so grateful.
for my mom.  my dad.  my artistic little brother, and my resourceful little sister.  her helpful husband.  for (how you fuel my imagination), for my plumber neighbor, for leslie and linda and tina at gustare for having little parties all the time. 
i am grateful for chocolate.
i am grateful for birth control.
i am grateful for Tetley's tea.
i am grateful for Jason Deehr.
i am grateful for poster board.
i am grateful for tracy who goes to one of my weight watchers meetings - and the new journal she gave me which I plan to start writing in on Thursday.
i am grateful for my ability to see.  to hear.  to taste.  to touch.  to speak.  to write.  to read.  to understand.
i wish i could speak French.  so i am grateful for the tools available to me should i get serious about learning.
i am grateful for my strength and confidence.  
i am grateful that my experiments in baking usually turn out pretty good. 
i am grateful for having tried this experiment.  i think next month i will try to write more poems.  but i have two days to decide if i want to commit to a poem a day yet.
thank you; fore, i am grateful for you too.  and also for semi colons.   

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