Wednesday, October 19, 2011

new unconditional behavior


what happened to the rain?
it never stopped bleeding into your shirt
and developing patterns of density
in the process

i knew communication by connection

you filtered black tea the last decent attempt of the open mind had dried around the radio's death on common broadcast so, but the problem is you're empty is not necessarily my cup, unless of course we were taking it seriously, no longer a subjective ceremony locked in at each other's reach of groceries cold cuts and an honorable intention you stated plainly stated from wild mushroom profit of independent cold mushroom

and leeks factor Rome out without. when is the non-violence you promised me when ring-rusted followers hassled / gouged / gallow-ed we, that celebrity cat-nap you paid for us. and you came home with a perfect recipe for hope. ask for your question -- why, one night your cup will be full, and steaming an irreverable place and at your finger tips
**** a rewrite of hardy's

What happened to Jainism?
I even stopped eating butterflies for you
and developed a pattern deficiency
in the process

new connections in communication

You fed me black pills th last dedicate after the Odepus had died down in a radio death common broadcast no, but th problem is your fucked is not necessarily my fucked, unless of course we are fucking, no longer a subjective ceremony looked at each other Carrying groceries cold hands As an h intellectual I stated plainly stated they wld much prefer independent cold mouths

and locks actorCome out white. Where is this non-violence you promised me were Warsaw flowers astle / cottage / gallows We, that celebate dog-sleep you pland for us. and you came home w/ a perfect man named Job. As for your question -- Yes, one day you will be fucked, and sharing an internal space and on your face

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