Wednesday, September 07, 2011

others' poetry

i asked some friends on facebook to recommend a poem for me to read.  as much as i like to write the odd poem, i also like to read the stuff.  it acts as inspiration, not just for writing new poems, but inspiration in the day-to-day mobility of life. 

right now, my need for poetry is out of need for comfort.  my left arm is very soar, painful even.  i am going to see my doctor this afternoon to find out what is wrong with me, or at least how to make some of the pain go away.  in addition to physical pain, i am emotionally compromised at the moment, which poetry is very good at helping heal.  my zune, neil, died last night after almost three years of friendship.  i listened to him in the car, in bed, while baking, while walking.  now my music listening is confined to my laptop (my car cd player is broken, and i can't stand radio). 

enough moaning.

my friends suggested these poems so far:

as the sparrow by Charles Bukowski
frost at midnight by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
in the trees by Dan Miller
holy sonnets x. by John Donne

so i thought i'd share them with you too.

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