Friday, September 17, 2010


we all have moments of weakness.  i do my best not to share them all with the world on facebook, and my blog.  sometimes, though, i get caught up.  the constant updating of status updates and tweets compounded by a desire to reach out to others for comfort makes it so hard to resist pouring our hearts out onto the computer screen for everyone to see.  in another time, we would have reached out to the people around us, or called someone for confidential guidence.  the ease of use and available audience of hundreds draws us out though, doesn't it? 

i'd prefer a real cup of tea with a loved one, a good old fashion cry.  instead, i get dinasour jokes.  and though the joke is witty and cute, and still makes me crack a smile through a cloud of self-doubt, a depressed state, its delight is fleeting.


Shalet Jimmy said...


Having somebody close to you who is caring is a great boon which I never had. So I really do not bother whether I get him/her from the people around me or from miles away.

Mystery said...

i agree to u .... sometimes just purring it out,without caring for an audience, reduces the burden!