Wednesday, June 16, 2010

voyage a la chez de madame tata avec jenni

jenni and i carried a miniture armoire
to the top floor of a brick house

on the corner of two famous boulevards
at le chez de madame tata

conspicuously named "la chateau de crackle"
unsuspectingly petite on the inside

despite the grandiose fixtures
rattled by the high pitched voices of garcons

imprisoned post trou de loup
we watched our step up the central staircase

to the tip top of la chateau
where we stumbled upon madame tata

affublee un bonnet and apron
over a gown, victorian vogue

shouting around the sound of past servants
directing the armoire placement

and correcting our pronunciation
of simple french phrases

as she cleaned paint brushes
and detailed the careful steps needed

to crackle a mirror frame
or the heart of a healthy man

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