Sunday, January 03, 2010

Day 47, 48 and 49 - Happy New Year!

thursday night, the last night of 2009, ryan and i visited some friends not too far from home. we ate, watched tv and laughed with friends.

i didn't bring the camera.

friday night, the first night of 2010, ryan and i were visited by a gaggle of good friends to watch david tennant's last performance of the Doctor. i baked--naturally--spicy chocolate chip cookies and tried my hand at lemon melt aways (which came out alright, but i think i have some tweeking to do with the flavor proportions).

i didn't take any pictures.

saturday morning i made orange, honey and ricotta muffins for breakfast for some friends.

i didn't take any pictures. aaah.

last night, saturday night, ryan, matt, erin and i drove in the snow and wind to brewster in order to watch UFC 108 with some lovely friends. dogs and kitties galore.

and i didn't even think to bring the camera.

today, so far, we're just sitting around. erin and i are watching man vs wild while matt sleeps and ryan makes videos of some game he's been playing. friends are coming over to hang out, watch top gear and maybe have some dinner with us.

i'll take some pictures then.

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