Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day 2

i had a really great valentine's day. first of all, i got to sleep in until noon (or was it later than that?). when i finally got up, ryan offered to fix me a cup of tea--which he never does, but it's valentine's day so he was being extra sweet. 

i had some breakfast and had been in the kitchen about half an hour before i realized all the dishes were done. the stove was even cleaned!! ryan got up early and cleaned everything; a whole week's worth of dishes!! this made me happy. i am actually still happy because of this. ^_^

then ryan, matt, erin and i went to Two Brother's (where i work) for lunch/dinner (i brought everyone mini cupcakes, as i'd promised). then we went bowling, which was a lot of fun, and detoured into the candy store on the way home. 

now everyone's over, and we're going to watch 300. a lovely ending ^_^

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Kilgannon said...

mm, they look yummy. Do you think you can send me some? :$