Sunday, December 21, 2008

oh crimbo tree (part 1)

we went to Hyannis Garden Center after I called a few places who told me they didn't have any more trees left. This place had plenty and at all sorts of prices. We picked out a medium tree ^_^

Here's Liz and I walking into the store to pay for the tree. I was so happy to get one finally. We'd all been so busy with work and school and stitches and all sorts, we had to wait until the 18th to finally get the tree.

The tree didn't exactly fit in the car, but we made it home just fine.

Liz and I did all the tree putting up, which Ryan did exactly what I'd asked him to: take pictures of everything.

Liz loves the smell of pine, how cute ^_^

It took a little jiggery pockery...

... but we got the tree standing pretty straight in the end.

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Anonymous said...

yay! Lovely tree.