Tuesday, September 02, 2008

decorative fruit

to challenge the patriotism of fruit flies
we play with the plastic of labor
on the day we closed the blinds
to avoid the sun

arranged in patterns then scattered
the flies flutter in the air above,
desperate for sweetness,
fooled by the shape and color of the ground

and we are at their most
the gods that pretend to love them
playing with creation and testing faith
or scientists desperate for entertainment

on a warm weekend in september
on the east coast of a large coffee table
where the fruit is rearranged every four years
with the intention of growing something real


Joy Leftow said...

Sweet Katy. I hope you're submitting your poetry someplace...

Anonymous said...

Loved the image of the large coffee table! The world just got smaller.
Ps nice to see the clip of our 4th most popular folk group.

Drook said...

sweet jesus someone better grow me a banana tree stat