Tuesday, October 25, 2005

number 38

i made the list!

what else is there to say? my humble little blog is on the same list as ron silliman and the spamming poet... all thanks to one person's project to collect 100 blogging poets in 100 days.

i can't wait to see what else shows up on the list, maybe my friend arch.memory, whose poetry is an ever growing sorce of inspiration, or perhaps the virtual itch.

my blog is no better than theirs, perhaps i merely caught someone's attention, perhaps my blog is bloggerific and i didn't even know. maybe it was because for a few days there, it was pink (we fixed that), who knows...

anyway, i'm really glad and really proud and really tired and really pleased to be able to share the list with all (click on the post title). i'll be spending time checking out each and every one of the other listed blogs, in the hopes that others may do the same.

(some poems to come in the next post)



freethoughtguy said...

How about a poeem about blogging?

katy said...

what about it then thinkingfreer

a poem about blogging:

leave your comments at the door
or the dashboard of your vehicle
your every spelling mistake
is welcome in common text
share your insides out
and the world will follow foot
for a poet with a knitting fetish
or just some guy with neat sunglasses
the blogspot's where the bloggers go

alright so it's not brill, but it'll do for a comment.