Thursday, June 30, 2005

goodmorning capt'n

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when i was a youngster one of my fav. cereals was always capt'n crunch. not just because 'you and the capt'n make it happen' but because i had and still have a ritual for eating a bowl of crunch berries.

first i eat out all the little yellow bits (they're oddly enough, my favorite part). when capt'n crunch with crunch berries was first brought out the crunch berries were all red round balls of goodness. i would, after eating all the yellow, eat all the red crunch berries three at a time. three red circles in my spoon wading in a pool of lightly tinted pink milk. if there was an exact multiple of three in the bowl i won. i didn't win anything in particular, just the self awarness and pride that i could pour a bowl of cereal in perfect threes.

when capt'n crunch got more complicated so did the rules for eating the crunch berries. they introduces blue crunch berries and the rule for eating three berries at time was piggybacked by the rule that out of the three crunch berries, they could not all three be the same color. so i'd have to eat two blue and one red or visa versa. if i was left with all red or all blue then i didn't do a very good job on guessing the proportions of blue to red.

yet again the crunch berries morph. they added purple and called it mixed berry. there were green and red berries in the shapes of santa hats and trees for christmas capt'n crunch, and today capt'n crunch is out of control.

now when you got to pick out some capt'n crunch with crunch berries you get stuck with this oddly unnatural trick. instead of a pinkish purple unaccounted for effect of your morning breakfast cereal milk turing a pink or light purple because of the dye in the crunch berries, now they prurposfully impliment a dying agent (edible of course) that turns your milk blue... yeah blue. yet, there are no blue pieces. there are green, purple and even red pieces in the cereal, but none blue.

it's a change enough not to have standard round berries, these ones are in the shape of characters from a kids cartoon i've never watched (which means it mustn't be very good, because i watch all the best while i'm at work).

the crunch was fabulous, and the blue milked bowl of cereal this morning served a three day craving. i even followed the rules of the ritual (though i'm out of practice, i ended up with two remaining red peices). but blue? call me old fashioned, but i'd take the pink milk over the blue any day.

here's a happy link with a historic list of mostly unsucessful crunchy endevours...

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You're too Cool. It's good to know girls like you exist.