Friday, April 01, 2005

ringing #9: submission guidelines

the week of august 19th sees my second hosting of the Ringing of the Bards and as a result of it being my second run at the gig i thought i'd give you all (you know who you are) a bit of a challenge.

i have permission from miss sam duffy herself to use her work as the "thematic center piece" for this particular blogging event. her work is, as i told her, diverse and provocative. it is, my friends, perfect for poetry. therefore, what i propose is that each poet who wishes to submit a poem to the rining #9 should write a poem using one or several of miss sam duffy's gems as the source of inspiration.

the technical stuff: upon publishing the poem inspired by a miss sam duffy original to your blog you must (MUST) include a direct link to the post where the image is located on miss sam duffy's blog. {LIKE THIS} please do not include an uploaded copy of the image in your poem post. (sam agreed to the project with the promise of traffic and link backs, i am relying on you to help me keep that promise.)

when it comes time to the carnival itself i will include some/all of the images as well as links to the poems you, the poets, have written to go along with them.

for those who would still like to submit a poem but feel restricted by the artwork available, please submit your poem/link regardless and the piece will still be considered for the ringing.

for questions and submissions please contact me at kaacheson @ yahoo . co . uk

example with image: the sleeping woman

(note: please include link to the post where the image is located and not the image itself. permission was given by miss am duffy to include the picture in the post linked to above. in the instance of the ringing of the bards posts miss sam duffy and i request that you include a link to the image as it appears on sam's blog. thank you!!)


Crunchy Weta said...

Great challenge (plus it saves me from having to find a point of inspiration)
C Weta

ozymandiaz said...

I love a challenge...