Thursday, May 18, 2006

warm up

it's thursday morning, i start my working week on thursdays. today is my monday. and this little poem is my warm up, my morning stretch. i intend on reading some fine poetry today. i intend to feed off of it and write something just as fine by the days end. that's not a definite plan, i'm not a fortune teller. but it has been long enough since i wrote a few good poems in a day.

so here's the start, something a bit trite, not quite followed through. not bad for a stretch though...

i dreamt in a forest
on a bed of moss
lit by some radiant yellow

by lightning bugs or moon

i dreamt we loved
like pixies
biting each other's shoulders and lips

your finest features illuminant
glow awash over us

1 comment:

Travis Jay Morgan said...

"biting each other's shoulders" -- ooh, that smarts so good!