Thursday, May 25, 2006


i am not an overly wanting kind of person. in fact, i very rarely (these days) treat myself to such girl-type things as bags, shoes, more bags, etc; never mind clothes. i have two pairs of jeans that i really love and they both have holes in the knees; it's time to go shopping (or i could just wear skirts for the next 4 months).

unfortunately, the husbee and i are on a budget in order to afford a few expensive expenses at the mo, so am having to put my oh-so-rare me-wants on hold. i can drool though, can't i? and i can make a long picture-laden post about my me-wants on my blog, right? ^_^

first and most foremost on the list of me-wants is this amazingly wonderously cute pair of converse high tops. now, i'm typically a lo-tops kinda girl, but anyone with kawaii-no-senses will understand why i couldn't settle for a pair of lo-tops while these sneaks are in such need of my wearing.

secondly on the me-wants list is this watch, which i have subject you to before, and am going to shamelessly subject you to again here. so ner.
reason for wanting such an awesomely awesome watch when i already have two nice watches i could happily live with wearing but hardly wear anyway? because neither of the two nice watches i could happily live with wearing but hardly wear anyway are green! i have a very nice $80 reef watch (silver with blue face) and a hipster-type purple/purple watch that my sis-in-law gave me for christmas a few years back. this gator-watch though, is superior in that it is a paul frank watch. the bird's name is toothbrush. how is that not totemo kawaii!?

ah, then i made the expensive mistake of browsing michelle's links and stumbling upon magic pony where i discovered this super stylin' blue tote with billy goats gracing its side. i don't think i even made it half way down the page before spotting this bag. one of those "omg must have" moments overcame me before i even realized i'd clicked on the item's thumbnail.

now, my birthday isn't for another 5 and a half months, but that's alright because Viva Pinata doesn't come out for the xbox360 until november anyway. so far in my life has a gamer has seen very few a me-wants. there was nintendogs, animal crossing for the ds, i looked forward to the new super mario bros. and even played black&white2 for a bit. but with the wii on the way and such kiddie-friendly games as viva pinata for the xbox, how could i not be excited. notice a re-occuring theme here with the alligator types cropping up. i am particularly fond of this screen shot on account of it looks like the alligator type thing is gonna nip some tail-feathers of that poor little pirate duck.

... lastly on katy's me-wants list is trip to florida land at the end of october to see pa and irene as well as get to spend a night at the hard rock hotel and get scared-voiceless at universal studios' fright nights. it's looking like will defiantly be getting most of this (the night at the hard rock is not a definite, as it's costs about $300 to stay just one night).

that's not too much to want is it? considering i decided that i don't actually need nor want an mp3 player for my afternoon jog after all.

now, alls i need to get this stuff is some spare moneys.


Travis Jay Morgan said...

Totemo kawaii yo! I have a white Japanese g-shock watch with butterflies on it, and my wife has a matching one, but I think hers is a baby G. They come together...lovers limited edition. I think she got them in Okinawa. Maybe I am going on my anual trip to Okinawa this August!

katy said...

you make an anual trip to okinawa!? okay, so you must live near by, right? am totemo jelous yo! i want to go to nihon but will have to save up every penny for like 5 years to do so!!

Travis Jay Morgan said...

No, I don't live by Okinawa, except for in my heart. I live about an hour away from Chicago Illinois. It's a fourteen hour flight.

katy said...

i'd love to sit in a plane for 14 hours if it meant i was going to land in japan.

Travis Jay Morgan said...

I know. Its worth it. When I am there, I just don't want to come back.

Girlcreeture said...

Magic Pony is a wallet trap! And you know the Japan trip could very well begin with a one-way to O'Hare since I recently saw specials to Tokyo from Chicago at like $340 one way, how cheap is that!?

I want that Pinata game bigtime but first I need the 360, sigh. We have about $135 in FYE credit, our pile o' free DVD crap is large again so we're gonna do another trade in for credit which should bring the total up to $225+ - being poor sucks but getting free crappy DVD's that FYE will take back is a nice consolation.