Thursday, May 18, 2006


you urge me to draw grey circles
when i should be drawing black squares.

the audience admire the struggle
between a poet and novelist from balcony seats.

the film begins, a single celled organism
through the cycle of dimming lights

to the inflatable coffin whereby
we lay our dead pets to rest.

[note: thank you to a)my psyche for thinking up these kinds of moments while i sleep and b)monica de la torre and her trouble series in fence vol.9 no.1]


Travis Jay Morgan said...

Upon reading this poem, the word "audience" struck me. And I came to realize that in life the stage, the actors/performers, the audience, the balcony seats, are all the same and one. We are all actors, and at the same time an audience. There is no distinction between the two. I'm sorry I'm not referring to this in your poem, just to life. The word "audience" grabbed me by itself. You see I am your audience, and you are mine.

katy said...

by no means apologise for such a lovely comment! poems are vehicles for inspiration; this one is even called "inspiration". so be inspired and let's talk about the audience some more ...

Travis Jay Morgan said...

Certainly Katy! According to wikipedia, an audience is: the/a group of people who participate in and experience or encounter a work of art, literature, theatre, music or academics in any medium. Audience members participate in different ways in different kinds of art, with some kinds inviting overt audience participation and others allowing only modest clapping and criticism and reception.

Here is what sticks out at me in that definition: "participate in a experience of art"... which would lead us to define, "art" - which would probably end up being defined as "art is in the eye of the beholder"... So with that said and audience would be anyone who experiences or participates with what the percieve as art. Now, if we see clearly without discrimination, we may see everything as art. Which would make us a permenant audience member. Note, "member" as the the definition says it is a "group of people"... Then how would we define "a group of people" Can we be a member of a group without being in the immediate area? If yes, then we always be an audience. I would think it would be ok to say we are an audience of one. Which could be interpeted as, an audience of one whole, or an audience of on as a individual. Inividual... yea, I don't know about that term. We are individuals, yet we are all part of one whole. So... I could keep going, but perhaps I should wait for some feedback. =)

katy said...

feedback is (as defined by the holy holiness that is wiki): ...(generally) information about actions. which is very vague, and i think may have more to do with the kind of feedback one might hear when a microphone and speaker are placed in too close a proximity than with what i would define as 'critical feedback'.

wiki also refers to feedback in the biological paradigm: Biological systems contain many types of regulatory circuits, among which positive and negative feedbacks. Positive and negative don't imply consequences of the feedback have positive or negative final effect. The negative feedback loop tends to slow down a process, while the positive feedback loop tends to accelerate it.

this is a positive feedback loop and it intends to accelerate "it".

we all individual audiences meanwhile members (components) of one massive audience which is then dissectible into several distinct sects of the 'great audience' as it were. the artist, because he or she witnesses and takes part in the art is, therefore, a member of the audience of his or her own creation. thus, we are our own audience(s). this creates layers and layers of duality, ambiguity and oddities one in our position must deal with in defining and discussing "audience".

your turn.

katy said...

we all = we are

Travis J. Morgan said...

If we turn enough in the same direction, we may reach a full circle! Excellent Katy! I see us getting along well! I'm going to add a link to your site now. =)

katy said...

like wise and in kind tj (i had a friend in elementry school called tj, do you mind if call you that? do you prefer travis or jay or mr morgan or tjm? or "t & jam"?)

Travis Jay Morgan said...

"TJ" is fine Katy, or you can call me what ever you like. A name is just a title of some substance. =)
Is the image you use in your post reflect your image? Also, where did it come from, did you design it?

katy said...

the avatar is of lucy, and was arranged and designed by the lovely michelle specifically for me, 'cause i asked.
there are pictures of me here and one here too. you can be the judge of weather lucy and i look anything alike or not.


Travis Jay Morgan said...

ah, ok! Thanks for sharing. Michelle’s blog is fun to browse too. She's, even into Japan! I have interest in Japan as well. I like your avatar, I didn't realize it was a photo of a doll. I thought it was a 3d rendering or something like that. Oh, and thank you so much for the great feature of me on your front page! I'm grateful of your motion and that we are now officially pals!