Wednesday, May 10, 2006

a last minute affair

i have just returned home from dropping ryan off at logan airport in boston. he's boarding his flight to L.A. right now. he's on his way to his first E3! we booked the flight a mere 4 hours before take off... never done that before.

ryan's planned trip to L.A. for the expo had been pushed back and back and then pretty much left out for the birds. fortunately though, mr Psaltos is the kind of fella who gets things done and gets them done quick. he told ryan to get on the plane and he'd get the business license and whatever else he needed to him for the next day.

so ryan's off. he's got two jam-packed days of game playing and interviewing ahead of him. his return flight gets in saturday evening. ah so, i am gonna go watch a movie and spend the next two evening hanging out with my mom ^_^

good luck ryan.

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