Thursday, May 18, 2006


i dial his number hoping to get the answering service. the lady leaves instructions, i follow. bleeep. brian, this is what frank o'hara meant when he described personism. it's a phone call, unscripted. i could have written a poem, posted it on my blog and let you stumble upon it. forget that, who else cares to read my personal message to you? no one, most likely.
anyway, i just wanted to say hi. to show you personism fisrt hand. no, first voice. you know, this sounded a lot better in my head. maybe i should have written it down. i meant to say hello and i miss you. miss you waltzing in, changing my line breaks, nodding your head, pulling one out, turning, and walking away.
how are you? when's your poetry tour? maybe i should read this as my introduction to you.
i shouldn't let this message get too long. catch you later.
i let the phone away from my ear and press the red button on the key pad. call time 1:46.


Brian Boutwell said...
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katy said...

so is that a secret, sly, wink wink kind of comment for only my eyes, or are you revising your revision?

Mr. Matos said...

this is a creepy-ass post, katy.