Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Word Verification Contest WINNERS!!!

ladies and boyos the Word Verification Contest has drawn to a close and the good judge arch has selected the three winners...

*drum roll*

in 3rd place is

Vadusmf nights

iznziaxg have got kouuopvx
I ajbfnier my huhue between afadh and zasyrssb
it warms my fnixasv for a while

pomty coins in the mekytd
I get lgrcruu, auusqsl , three eupac klbpn
what more does a lqbppgfe need?

Maybe kmsol, maybe kqhnc

I've got them too
tucked away in my cffzzyc umtojx
with some hyrojl ixruax

epshzu gsqnk like that are ousabw
they make me svonn psyasrb and mnqoziio
when really I'm just zzgjxz
with a good vqdbueyi

that's the uaisr I'm meant to be
I'm too hspzjf to lgrcruu up

by elwood_blues_uk

2nd place goes to

-Svonn Smith's adoration of Ousabw Aussqsl-

I should like to write of love
nearly gone gsqnk, kqhnc.

As did the famous Zgjxz,
Svonn forgot all women
he'd knewed
before he met fair Ousabw
at Epshzu near Istanbul.

by reid welch

and the winner of the pinata in his own likeness goes to

The Cyvig

Intently gazing
at black uaisr
on a pomty screen –
my eyes jwoule
start to twitch
and I pomty
to pyuqm like
the creatures
that are a metaphor
to eupac existence.
The parasites race
through my psyasrb
toward my brain;
mekytd aches,
paranoia beams –
I could kouuopvx this bug
wandering aimlessly
across the svonn,
a godlike huhue –
like a zombie
I just stare.

by brian

congratulations to all and a big 'thank you' to everyone who participated in the contest ^_^


Brian Boutwell said...

Hoot Hoot. No really I'd like to thank my cat first, and I'd like to thank all those cigarettes that let me smoke them, and Buddha too.

katy said...

buddha says "you're welcome, may i have some bread while you play me a song?"