Sunday, March 26, 2006

from 3 to 26

right... so, ryan had a TARDIS shaped cake when he was 3, and he requested a repeat this year for his 26th birthday.

therefore, (because he's spoilt) kerry (his sis) and i made him one today (along with some little green-on-the-inside alien cup cakes). it turned out quite well i think...


a bit wonky, no?

and here's a pic of the birthday boyo looking really happy and sweet beside his lit cake...

ryan ga kawaii no hito desuyo!

and lastly but not leastly, we cut it up...



Brian Boutwell said...

looks like it was yummy. What flavor was the icing?

katy said...

blue flavor

arch.memory said...

WOW! That's a HUGE TV! Don't you need to get cable now to justify it?

katy said...

no we don't need cable to justify it because
1) "sexbox 360"
2) playstation 2 (and 3 to come)
3) gameqoob (revolution to come)
4) ryan's super-computer (with region free dvd wonderfulness)
5) plays vid straight off the memory cards of our camera and plugs straight into the digy video cam
6) we can't afford it now!!

Girlcreeture said...

Rock on with that beautiful, beautiful TV.

Now. Since you're never gonna leave the house again, since you now do not need to leave it ever, you should start a visitors calendar so friends and family can come by on a regular basis to feed and water you two.

PS: I keep forgetting to ask, did you two get the DS Lite yet? I had to postpone mine since the government wants my blood, sweat, and tears ON TOP of my $$. How lovely is it?

katy said...

funny you should mention the ds lite, it shipped today!!

glory days of techno wonder. i am going to have to turn off the electricity to get ryan to come outside this spring