Thursday, March 30, 2006


do i impress you, darling?

my haunches are firm and muscular
with all the practice
of holding my breasts alert

for your eyes and fingers delighted.

i can name drop too, this futon
sleeps us both on a warm night
in the middle of april or more.

we can slurp the orange juices
from each other's lips like bees.

the fine sugar of a fruit is rich.

can i have a bite of yours
if i promise to give you mine
or would that be asking too much
of a man with your... stature?

you can learn to impress me too.

write me poems about birds
about trailer parks and rivers,
or rest your ear against my heart
through layers of cotton and lace
and spend the night pretending

to be in love with me.

1 comment:

arch.memory said...

You are proving yourself to be one heck of a sexy poet, Mrs. Acheson!
(God, grant Mr. Acheson the strength...)