Sunday, March 05, 2006

pages collected

right so, arch and i have been having a little conversation via page numbers within two collections of poems (namely, a green light and the good thief). two collections of poetry is really rather limiting, so we are both compiling a list of all of the collections of poetry that we own (or permanently borrow) in order to see what other collections we might have in common and also to guide each other's purchases in the future (perhaps?).

to be honest, i really had no idea i had this much poetry lying about. there are a few collections that i have not read through their entirety. i have yet to read through all of any one jubilat (i do flitter through them from time to time though) and i am sure that i might never ever catch up with norton. looking at all those anthologies, actually, i'm considering getting some stock in norton.

these are all books, i do have a stack of hand-outs, printed pages and packets of poetry that, when all stacked on top of one another accumulate to about 3 (that's more than a ream of paper, amigos). most of that is either unpublished or essays on poetry (poetics).

and all of this is hopefully going to grow (have you seen my wishlist on amazon lately? haha! like i'd ever have enough time to read all that and keep up with ron silliman, please!!!)

enough wittering one, here's my list (alphabetical too):

akhmatova, anna
<> anna akhmatova: poems (selected and translated by lyn coffin)
(mixed pleasures)
<> nothing but the truth
<> anthology of japanese literature
<> the harbrace anthology of literature
<> norton introduction to literature seventh edition
<> norton anthology of english literature seventh edition volume a
<> norton anthology of english literature seventh edition volume 2
(poetry only)
<> the outlaw bible of american poetry
<> postmodern american poetry: a norton anthology
<> the new american poetry, 1945-1960
<> the norton anthology of modern and contemporary poetry, 3rd edition, volume 1
<> poems from the greek anthology (expanded edition)
<> lullabies and poems for children
<> poems, poets, poetry
<> cats are cats
<> poetics of indeterminacy: rinbaud to cage
<> modernism
ashbery, john
<> the tennis court oaths
borges, jorge luis
<> selected poems
burton, tim
cohen, leonard
<> beautiful losers (not actually poetry; not actually mine)
erdrich, louise
frost, robert
hardy, thomas
<> wessex poems (not actually mine)
hathaway, william
hejinian, lyn
<> the good thief
jeffers, robinson
<> selected poems
<> 5
<> 6
<> 10
<> 11
lorca, federico garcia
<> poem of the deep song
mayer, bernadette
<> a bernadette mayer reader
mobilio, albert
moore, marianne
o'hara, frank
<> poems retrieved
oppen, george
perdomo, willie
plath, sylvia
poe, edgar allen
rohrer, matthew
silverstein, shel
spiegelman, art
stein, gertrude
<> 3 lives (not actually poetry)
stevens, wallace
tate, james
waldner, liz
williams, william carlos
wood, karenne


katy said...

oh and i forgot all about purple ronnie's little book of love poems!!

Brian Boutwell said...

Is that all you got?

a couple I'm gonna buy...

katy said...

yeah that's all. what, did you think i'd have much more? i'm not that well read. and mind, i tended to borrow a lot while i was at uni.

what couple are you thinking of buying? i bet you're ordering a copy of purple ronnie's love poems right now, aren't you? :)

out of all, may i suggested original fire, by erdrich and william hathaway's gymnast of inertia (though it is hard to come by these days) and of course, i highly reccomend rohrer to all.

though brian, i think you'd quite like lunch poems too.

Brian Boutwell said...

I'm thinking about adding some Russian Futurist books to my growing list, of unbought books.

I'm gonna start with Vladimir Mayakovsky.

These are a few from your list that I'm going to buy:

Modernism: An Anthology of Sources and Documents

Postmodern American Poetry: A Norton Anthology

George Oppen: Selected Poems

The Tennis Court Oath: A Book of Poems

Mr. Matos said...

Is that all you got? A couple I'm gonna buy...

Hey, don't forget you owe me 48 bucks before you go and buy those books.


I'm hardcore like Harbrace and snortin' like Norton. I'm impressed by your collection (it gives me an...)

katy said...

enriko: pimpdaddy rapper and money collector.

brian, good picks (if i do say so myself). the postmodern american poetry anthology is the best anthology i've ever come across. from page-lay out to content, it's ideal. i hope you like the tennis court oaths, i haven't read it in some time but i remember loving it. ah goerge... (okay, part of the reason i got selected poems is because i like the cover picture) i LOVE his discrete series but it's so hard to come by and the selected poems only has 3 or 4 sections from it in--i haven't had a chance to read the rest of the collection yet (other than a few bits here and there) at the very least the intro is really good. and modernism, yay, when you get it we can read the same essays and articles and have really deep-rooted intellectual conversations(leaving everyone else in the dust).

Brian Boutwell said...

So long as well leave a trail so that people may find us once the dust settles.

katy said...

if they want to follow they can get modernism too.