Sunday, March 12, 2006

the lower take

     so, have you chosen
you chose not to

          have me tonight

will you not have me?
     and my poems for you__
          they are relentless and
          they are tireless like me.

trick me if you won't
          fill me don't lose me
          my void is aching
          like heat

the source of your lips
     begets my breath.
     i am only a child (to you)__
          i am only for you
     your teen aged virgin__
     with pretty hair
          and sensitive breasts.

we have stopped

the creae of my thumb
          split under you
now__will you not take me?

like my poetry,
     filling space

i am like my poetry
     vulnarable and filling space.
     i am growing like a dark secret
          amongst technology
          and dust__
i too am filtered.

the lower

i fall under you
     again, again, again,
          please, now yes, now

now we have a semblance
          of peace

please, tell me
     i love you.




B Boutwell said...

we have a semblance
now, peace, please...


William F. DeVault said...

I like it, like the way people think and feel and breathe and react and act...nicely done.

oh, and because you like books with pretty covers, full of poetry, tell me where to send you one.

katy said...

address has been sent. you're far too cool.