Monday, March 20, 2006

snakes on a plane

click and listen

weekend in review to come shortly, poetry too. in the mean time enjoy a little sampling of the wonder that is "snakes on a plane"

see snakes on a blog for more joy and wonderment.


arch.memory said...


Mr. Matos said...

Best undercover marketing campaign EVER.

Faux-aloof twentysomething blogger pseudo-intellectuals ate it up like Chuck Norris references.

I hate the Internet, but I love you, Katy.


Snakes on a Blog said...

Hey, I can pretty much assure it's not an undercover marketing campaign. At least, I'M not an undercover marketing campaign. It's just me.

I don't really suppose there's any way you'd believe me, but I can only promise that Snakes on a Blog is genuine.

katy said...

snakes, pay no mind to yerka, he's just a robot.

Mr. Matos said...

I know you're not part of an undercover marketing campaign, you're just the product of it.

The whole snakes on a plane thing was started by insiders who also happened to be bloggers.

Do you not think that industry people don't get online and see what their target audience thinks is, how you say, "cool"? They give themselves fake names, fake blogs, and have teams to push the teens and 20s towards their product. This includes planting fake "early" reviews and the like.

This is the new model of marketing to young people. Just look at how the industry is planting unrated trailers all over the Internet so the babies can get their hands on it. They create an atmosphere of cultish obsession, young people (being ever so reactionary and wanting to fit in) buy it and then the corporations go, "HA HA HA," all the way to the banks, which are controlled by trecherous JEWS and shadow groups within the World Bank.

I refuse to let liberal Hollywood take control of my life with masonic brainwashing.

(Hope you make it to the premiere).

PS: Snakes on a Plane will suck. When Ronnie Yu leaves a project, you know it's bad. Or good. Because David Ellis is more capable -- wait. No, he's not. He's New Line's go-to bitch for ideas developed by the tiny brains of LIBERAL EXECUTIVES who have lost touch with the CHRISTIAN principles of MOTHERFUCKIN AMERICA.

I will never forgive him for CELLULAR or wasting thousands of dollars on making the camera travel through a peep hole (unnecessarily) in that film's opening sequence.

Brian Boutwell said...

Arf ArfArfArfArf Arf ArfArf (a very threatening Doberman Pinschers' bark) Watch out he'll sink his teeth...

katy said...

brian, i hope your puppy is trained to attack robots

Brian Boutwell said...

Is not trained because is.

katy said...

omg brian, have you seen the film about the robot dog?

brian yuzna's worst film