Thursday, March 30, 2006

why do we love you?

the king and queen
why do we love you, katamari?

dear readership,

we have been playing we love katamari a lot recently (on account of the mega-vision recently aquired) and it has made us stupid. we cannot write poetry any more. we can only sing "na na na na na na na". we have a sore throat because of all this singing.

it is our hope that we might be saved by frank o'hara, but we are not sure if that is a realistic hope. frank, will you save us?

na na na na,

the plural of katy


Girlcreeture said...

Aww c'mon, not "stupid" more like daffy, wacky, giddy, loony, tooney, gooney...

Definitely not stupid! I cannot imagine how gorgeously gorgeous Katamari is on such a screen.

I do like that you've begun talking like the King though ;p

katy said...

okay, it has not made us stupid, it has just made us unable to think about anything else ^_^

arch.memory said...

My Tetris is still not working :(
I am desperately gameless now...