Wednesday, March 08, 2006

the poetess' dilema

(a poem by brian)

The Poetess' Dilema

photo by katy



hardyf said...

i actually find doing dishes relaxing. and i love to cook. you are tireless and appreciated, katy. thanx and see you tomor, computer eyes.

katy said...

hardy!! do you want to come over and do the dishes for me? your choice of background music!

denielle said...

i love this. a picture. a 1000. la de da. but it's true!

arch.memory said...


(Me feisty mood today; broke off a piece of my molar yesterday.

Prose or poem?)

katy said...

am not a slob >_<

i just hate doing the dishes!

hardyf said...

careful katy, you do know what doing dishes leads to..

katy said...

... threesomes?

actually, no, i don't. what do canadian's do after the dishes?