Monday, March 13, 2006

we are but buffalo
in a world of dairy cows

For most newspapers and magazines, poetry has become a literary commodity intended less to be read than to be noted with approval. Most editors run poems and poetry reviews the way a prosperous Montana rancher might keep a few buffalo around—not to eat the endangered creatures but to display them for tradition's sake.


enriko revealed this article to the subtle eye via brian's blog, here.

if you have a few spare minutes, it's easily read and rather insightful (a digestible poetics). otherwise, enjoy the above quote.


William F. DeVault said...

...which is why we need to start grabbing more than the fringes of the Digital Renaissance...
poetry is not a performance art, but if performance artists are going to bill themselves as poets, the real poets need to step up and rescue the name.
poetry is not just a label, but if newspaper and magazine editors are going to run drivel and call it poetry, just to say they run poetry, we need to elbow our way in to confront the editors and make sure they run the good stuff.
We can't blame the masses for their ignorance, if we allow it to propagate!
If we are the buffalo, we need to mate with all the dairy cows we can, to take over the genome.
Or, something like that!

katy said...

i guess that's sort of along the lines of the article.

poets need, ultimatly, to reach out beyond the poetsphere. to merge back into the stream and to weed out the weak. generally, we've all been hiding behind book shelves for too long now.

thanks for the comment batman

katy said...

read me

billy has posted his reaction to this article in conjunction with poetry month and the new nomination boards for the poet laureate of the blogsphere. both me devault and i had something to add to his post.

katy said...

me = mr in un-editable blogger language