Tuesday, March 21, 2006

on topic

so i've been away, been to philadelphia, and haven't written a poem in (counting...) 4 whole days *shock* i know! though, i've not always been as productive as i have been the past 5 or so months, so it's by no means earth shattering.

first, let's address philadelphia and kashmir sweaters:
though i'm not in love with the city, i didn't really spend that much time with it. i will go back soon, this i know... that is, i suppose, unless arch really does move to europe, in which case i will be visiting milano or some such exoti-city (making up words is good for your brain).
the museum is very nice. would have liked to spend more time there (but i guess we left some for next time). silly thing: restaurants on a saturday closing at 10, what's that all about? silly thing (in a different way): cats and string. snuffy and i had a good lot of fun up and down and all around arch's apartment with a south park shoe lace. the cat nip helped.
favorite thing: "mou'sif!" this is for arch to understand (and ryan if he reads it) only. second favorite thing: watching a&w try to contemplate the 4th dimension. there are lots of other favorite things but i won't bore you all with them.

now back to poetry, eh? there's a peculiar and interesting thing that happens to me with poetry when i write it lots and when i don't write it at all. i pretty much have two extremes with poetry; either i'm writing prolifically (every day) or i'm never writing (i'll write maybe one crappy poem every month or so, like i usually do in the summer months, as i'm far too busy being). i've thought about this before, but i've never really written about it, and though this is usually a topic fitting for poetship i thought i would splurdge here (again) anyway.

what i think happens is that upon writing a poem every day i am able to focus each poem on an instant within my experience. i am able to take a highlight and manipulate it into a poem. i focus on the poem.

on the other hand, when i am not writing very often, when i do sit down to write i am faced with every instance between the last time and this time.

for some reason i have this urge to turn every insignificant moment into a poem (part of my problem is that i am continuously translating everything i see, hear, taste, etc into words (as if they were the only thing i understood, which is sort of correct, as it is an accepted theory that memory is linked directly to language and comprehension)).

therefore, i think it is beneficial for me to write every day, even if it's crap. it's like a de-congestion process, writing poetry. the downside is that there tend to be a lot of crappy poems when one writes like this. the up side is that those crappy poems are easily disposed of (as the amount of attachment on a poem is partially related to how many poems one has) or at least ignored (by the readers). the other plus side is, that for every bunch of crappy poems, there's a gem that comes through.

there's another major downfall (for me) when it comes to writing less often, and that is that i always try to catch up with myself. this is, of course, impossible, but i try anyway.

below is a clump of words pretending to be a poem. it is an example of my trying to catch up. there is another poem that i am currently working on (which hopefully will not be crap), and i'm sure that there are more bits like this brewing. enjoy!

through a desperate hug
i relinquish my mid-night anxieties
on the haunches of my lover

disturbing his delicate sleep
i'm chanting my thanks and apologies

it was just a dream
he says


Girlcreeture said...

on the other hand, when i am not writing very often, when i do sit down to write i am faced with every instance between the last time and this time.

It's a curse! I know just how you feel and I have the same problem. I'm either incessantly babbling via my keyboard or silent as the proverbial grave and when it's been a realllly long time I blurt out multiple blog entries and fill up "My Documents" with several notepads titled only with dates of when I think had such and such a thought.

The worst is just never getting to something at all and I do that as well :(

And have I ever told you, I'm not a fan of poetry rally, mebbe dirty limericks or nursery rhymes, but not poetry really - HOWEVER - I truly do enjoy your poems ^__^

And uh, I'm totally stealing your muthafuckin' Snakes on a Plane .gif!

katy said...

did you listen to the song? hehe