Tuesday, February 14, 2006

what are you valentinus?

what are you valentinus but the dirt in the road
or the boulders that pierce the surface of the green river?

was claudius your cupid? his arrow ready and waiting
for the next young couple to seek you out. unmarried,
maimed and you the martyr of a specific century.

how long have you been dead, valentinus, for some
other god to take your place in line at the bank?

aishiteru wa


katy said...

it's a bit morbid for valentine's day, i know, but i went looking up some history of the holiday and history is rather morbid at times.

feliz dia de san valeintin a todos mis muchachos.

aishiteru wa

arch.memory said...

I typically HATE poetry with classical references, but I think this is so good that I actually enjoyed them.
(And morbid is good!)

Brian Boutwell said...



Well, you know...

katy said...

hungarian porn is awful, but at least it had daleks in it. i've seen more sex in horror films.

and what did you do on valentine's day?