Monday, February 06, 2006


dennis: katy, do you smoke?
katy: no. i don't do anything bad.
dennis: bullshit, you got married young.

i was rummaging through my poetry folders on my pc and ran into this; this is a very real coversation with a boy who looks very much like jesus.


Daniel said...

So what does Jesus look like?

Thanks for your comment the other day; if you hadn't said anything I would never have known that Billy had linked my blog. Pleased to meet you. Adding this (and poetship, which looks pretty interesting) to my blogroll.

katy said...

you know, i don't have any pictures of jesus... i mean dennis. use your imaginagion though and jesus can look how ever you want him to.


aeeeth green squiggle for brian.

arch.memory said...

LOL! 'Tis true!