Monday, February 13, 2006

[so much for un poema]

the contrast: wide awake at 5am, asleep at 6. alarm startles at readiness. i cracked into my boots. hair electrified, everything is silence and white. i am red. i let some cords seep through the cracked window of my car. i shovel snow; five foot deep, packed on by plows. the ache is here and here—pointing. resume track one, beck and i push neustros botas to the floor of el coche. bull riding. into the neighbors clean driveway and hauling down this back street. to the moon, staring wide-eyed like a child through naked trees and pink clouds. then the overflow. i had to drive 'round to the back entrance of the hotel. only to leave the orange pekoe tea bag in the water too long. hair is still on fire, but my boots have finally dried. so much for un poema.


Brian Boutwell said...

Now Katy, quite rightly, I can't have you outdoing me on the prose poem. haha. This is good. I haven't a suggestion, really. Well at the moment, save thoughts for IM. You have my ok to write more prose poems if this is how they turn out.



I made that one up.

katy said...

thanks for your permission on the prose poem front. i don't do them very often though, so don't you fret!

arch.memory said...

Wow! It's like you're addicted to writing! (I wish I were that way... But I lose interest so fast.)

PS: I hate word-verification things! Grrr!

katy said...

hey brian, thanks for the suggestion of putting this piece in margin-adhering format (whatever it's called in reality).

arch, don't hate them, embrace them! ugwnxofg