Sunday, February 26, 2006

acting out

in some place South by New England

brian and i sat side by side at an intangible bar
peeling labels and glue off proverbial bottles
two-layered imaging together all the bad things i could do
and taking turns at the jukebox. he played a hip hop number

in a honkytonk. that white hat is just a slight of hand.

i apologized for my mood, being a girl, he shrugged
thin shoulders and changed the subject back to dinosaurs
and library books. time lost track and hours stretched.
brian likes my poetry; i'm tired but trying to tell him
that i like his too, if he'd only write more of it.

the make believe barman took the handles off the taps.

at our revelation i left him alone with a shot
and two quarters for the only song left on the jukebox.

next time, brian, i'll wear my boots so we can dance.


hardyf said...

that was nice. little story. ode to a random pub night? was it real? id feel a fool for being so involved if it wasnt. and hi brian. hah.

Mr. Matos said...

This is so romantical. Can I come to the wedding?

katy said...

"was it real"

hint: intangible, proverbial, imagining, slight of hand, make believe.

and riko, baby, i'm already married. i don't know that there's anywhere in the us that allows polyandry. we could always go straight to the party.

and brian says he only break dances, how appropriot.

Mr. Matos said...

Don't speak to me as if I am an idiot.

You protest too much.

katy said...

here's a lollipop, now be a good boy enriko.

Mr. Matos said...