Monday, February 20, 2006

pilot eye

experiments will ensue; flight

"something katy" has always been a transitional phrase. it has always been the bridge between PoemTree and something new, something i can't quite see yet... what i have created now is PilotEye. it has no form yet, no structure.

essentially, what happened today was, while messing about with something katy (you'll notice things that used to be green or brown are now purple) i started looking at different blog templates. i found one i fancied, but it didn't fit around something katy.

thus, pilot eye was born on a whim.

i intend for pilot eye to become home to some experimenting. something katy will remain the body of my work, and my hub. but i like the idea of stretching my virtual self out a bit more. i feel confident in po'et'ship. i feel comfortable here in something katy land (i think i might change the purple back, unless i can figure out how to change the colors of all those little dot things). now it's time to branch, to grow, to take off in a stranger direction.

the template is very girly ^_^ which is different and strange and lovely. i hope, with the template in place, that my poetry will retain a feminine quality while still being very experimental and out there.

here's hoping you like it.

1 comment:

Brian Boutwell said...

Well, it's empty. I guess you have to get to work, then, experimenting.

I like the red flower and the concept.

I look forward to an enjoyable but turbulent ride through sky-text.