Saturday, February 11, 2006


we slurped on black currant lollies all night
playing scrabble--boy 3, girl 2--
listening to badly drawn boy and making up new words
starting with q and ending in z.

he massaged my lower lip with his thumb--absently--
while we watched a pink panther movie,
cuddled on the sofa. this living room is starting to feel
just like home.

[and would you believe me, it wasn't a verification word.]


arch.memory said...

Katy, you should probably start make these last few ones part of a series, like "Hotel Science", called "Domestic Bliss", or something better...

arch.memory said...

PS: Don't be it wasn't a verification word. If so, be careful, you might be turning into a word-verification-generating letter-randomizing apparatus!

katy said...

it was all the left over letters from a game of scrabble that ryan and i actually played. he had three i's and i had the rest. bazq isn't a word either.