Thursday, February 16, 2006

tanjoubi wibble

happy boughtday wibble fish

what do you get
for the fish
who has everything?

we got you a 10 gallon tank
for your first birthday.
the car was a house warming gift
when we moved one town over.
the gravel was for easter.
the light was for christmas.
now you're 2 and i don't know
what the heck to get you.
you, the fish that has everything.

is my love enough? a poem?
a water change and a new filter?

wibble, is my love enough?

[today is wibble's 2nd birthday (which we celebrate on the day he was bought and named... let's say, reborn.)]


arch.memory said...

Happy birthday, Wibbles! (No poem for courageous Wibbles on his birthday?)

katy said...

wibble can't read and his english isn't very good. he prefers interpretive dance. though, who knows, it's only a bit past 8, there might be a poem for him yet.

katy said...

okay, added a poem.

Mr. Matos said...


Anonymous said...

This is a perfect poem.
Wowm'am, I mean it.
It has no wobbles to it at all.


katy said...

you're cheeky, reid. thank you for the comment!

B Blue said...

i read this poem 3 times.

then i read it aloud to my roomate.

she said 'tell her we're in love with her'

i think thats fitting.

katy said...

blue, you make me *so happy* i can't begin to explain. the admiration of a lady... and her roommate? my heart wings are growing!