Friday, June 23, 2006

i have

i have been accused
of getting us lost

for the coffee's weakness
& the gum stuck firmly
to the soul of that man's shoe


i have been taunted
by missing pages of newspapers

and ridculed for the company
of a fiveandthreequarters year old

i have been mistaken
for a helping hand

for the magic touch
over common sense
& once for someone's lost daughter


arch.memory said...

I have to be extra honest here and admit that I have been a bit frustrated of late with what I saw as your increasingly short breath in writing (these snippets of poems). And yet, somehow, this one works well. It reminded of that lovely poem you wrote a while back on pilot eye, safe. I have to say, I love it!
(Please forgive my honesty; it is only because I care.)

katy said...

honesty is welcome with open arms, dear. i've probably been more frustrated tham anyone lately. this season, this summer thing, is a very dry writing season for me. i have never written more than a few poems between the months of june and september. it's an uphill climb, like i need a three month recharge, the sun just soaks up all my ideas. i hate it more than anything. therefore, every poem from now until september will more likely than not be forced and useless. i'm glad at least, that you like this one.

katy said...

tham = than

and, i used the word "than" more in that comment than i have in forever.

word of the day = than

Crunchy Weta said...

What he said :-)
Nice read


Erin Monahan said...

what a very interesting self portrait this is. I'm intrigued as to what made you decide to offer only negative descriptions though... Love the fact that you end in a way that it's obvious that the observation was inaccurate, leaving us to believe that you feel the rest are also.

Yup, I'm liking your voice, a lot.

katy said...

hiya erin, thank you for dropping by, for reading and commenting ^_^
i focused on the negative here because i have already done a sort of companion peice on the brighter side of being me (though have coloured it as imaginary...)

Cecilia said...

Each part has a nice imagery, I'd have to say. I just red its companion (more positive) poem and it provides a nice parallel, showing a more human side. Lovely, Katy.