Friday, June 09, 2006

oh yeah

here is a picture of my cat
that i keep in my purse
at all times
, she said.

here is a picture of my car
that i keep in my wallet
at all times
, he said.

here is a rubik's cube
that i melted in a toaster
last night
, she said.

here is a cheese knife
that i used to carve
a middle finger
, he said.


katy said...

super thanks to sam of exploding dog for not sueing me for constantly using his photos to inspire me and spice up the look of my blog. he makes me laugh like no other. i do say.

Crunchy Weta said...

Excellent..and very funny :-)

katy said...

thanks crunchy one ^_^


Crunchy Weta said...

and here is the tooth I hid from the tooth fairy

cafpvkq attempt 2

katy said...

ooh what a fun game!

here is the can i drank all the soda from.

let's share crap!


Cecilia said...

I love the narrative tone of this poem and the funnily creative "I can outdo you" build-up in the story. The accompanying images that popped in my head were awesome. Thanks, Katy!