Tuesday, June 13, 2006

second to memory

the resurrection of remember

ash tree blossoms - photo by katy acheson 2006

promise me you'll rain amidst the thunder storms,
beneath the veil of orange
and ash trees; shedding blossoms like wet skin


Mike said...

Reminds me of the fall of white petals from these trees that are common around my last apartment. They'd bloom in early spring, with a wonderful sweet fragrance, and then, within what seemed like a single day, dropped those petals under the weight of rain, amassing a floor of white on the sidewalk. Nice work Katy!

katy said...

thank you mike ^_^

my backyard is filled with mountain ash. today, it has been snowing petals out. my car is coverd, so is the deck.

it's beautiful. they smell fantastic too. only downside to ash trees are the branches that fall, they have these nasty thorns and are difficult to discard because of the thorns.

Mandolina Dora said...

this makes me long to be cleaned by summer rain;

if you can, can you explain the rain b/t thunder storms part...that is, what it means to you?

i ask, b/c of a seeming (deliberate?) incongruence--or is there? does it not rain thru thunderstorms?

i may be missing something in its sweet simplicity

housemouse said...

It is indeed within its sweet simplicity that the rain occurs.

This is very beautiful Katy and I too have been watching the petals of my long awaited flowering trees melt away with the rain.

katy said...

hmmn, i would rather not explain it, but if i must...

the "me" is speaking to the "you" and the "you" is a person. the "me" is asking the "you" person to promise (let's call it a he) he'll rain. i mean rain to mean cry.

it doesn't necesserily need to rain for there to be thunder. the thunder strom could be and--more likely than not--is metaphorical. or symbolic. symbolic, yes.

does that help?

arch.memory said...

It's been a while since I've been moved this much... And by something so simple! I'm not sure why, but it touched me so... A return of subjects, perhaps? It is not "it'll rain" but "you'll rain". And that heartfelt "Promise me"... if only all promises could be as such!

katy said...

arch, thank you for the reassuring words.

i've had what you said about my current writing in mind the past day or two. i guess... you effect me.

i think that's a good thing.

katy said...

and housemouse, one: thank you for visiting. two: way to outwrite me... what you described in your comment is every bit as beautiful as what i was trying to evoke in the poem. well done. and thank you for joining my in this very spring affair of snowing petals. ^_^

Crunchy Weta said...

Very nice, potent and focused.