Tuesday, June 27, 2006

everlasting silhouette

from the rhythm

she fills the hall with
width and all the height
of an aroma near ready

trespassing the lips
the socks through fits
and stripes and you wonder

her hip to swift hip
right gazelling the gave
to have ungiven in

it ends before you
________before you want it


ozymandiaz said...

What's the old saying?
"I hate to see her go but I love to watch her walk away"

Cecilia said...

...ahh, you've captured a woman's delicate mystery. You make me so proud to be a woman, Katy. :-)

arch.memory said...

I don't know what rhythm, but this has definitely got it!

(And I am fixated on that "aroma near ready'!)

denielle said...

i love how you caught the sway and the stop of "the walk".
also, love the dream sequence poem. another way you could divide it is with star symbols (of course, i'm obsessed with star symbols - especially when they're in poems about nighttime and dreams!) like this:
first sequence
* *
second sequence
* * *
and so on
* * * *
and so forth

or not. i like it the way it is already. hope you have a fantastic thursday :)