Sunday, June 25, 2006

hotel keys

chronicles of a hotel receptionist: part 1

boy: the basketball game machine... i put a quarter in it and it didn't go.
she: okay, here is another quarter, see if that works. if not, then don't play that game.

25 minutes later

boy: the game with the claw, i put in the dollar and it won't go in and the machine won't make the dollar into quarters any more, can i have some quarters.
she: (hands him 4 quarters and takes the wrinkled dollar bill)

10 minutes later

boy: umm. do you have a ping pong ball?
she: there are two orange ones on the rack near the table, with the paddles
boy: thank you

1 hour later

boy: the soda machine ate my dollar
she: machines get hungry sometimes too you know
boy (looks at she funny) (waits) can i have a dollar?
she: are you going to share you drink with the machine?
boy: no
she: (sighs) here's a dollar.

2 minutes later

boy: it ate it again
she: i told you, it's hungry
boy: it's a soda machine
she: and?
boy: can i have a dollar? again?
she: (hands him another dollar)

p.s. true story, however, it was not the same boy each time, and i didn't time them to know how many minutes between them there was.


Brian Boutwell said...

Reminiscent of Hotel Science.

Word verification took my dollar. Could you refund me? :)

katy said...

you'll have to speak to the manager, and she's not until 9am on monday.

katy said...

p.s. paaonnt

word verifications just keep getting weirder.

Cecilia said...

You've become the money-making machine! Except for the info on the ping-pong balls. :) This is a case of "when it rains, it pours".