Monday, January 30, 2006

pneumonia boy

i took him to the urgent care center
down the road from our house.
the old man there told him
that he has pneumonia and gave him
a thousand different pills to swallow
and an inhailer for his breathing.
he's under house-quarintine
for as many as five days. we got a note.
i called him in sick to work for the week.
now i am taking care of him.
i fed him soup and bread and ice tea.
he's not coughing, but i know he hurts.



Brian Boutwell said...

So sweet, katy. Pneumonia is pretty serious business, isn't it?

Ryan, get well man.

I like the poem too, especially with the drawing. Do you draw them?



katy said...

mr exploding dog draws them... pxuvriu
... i just borrow them.

Rebeka Lembo said...

Thank you for your comment & for reading my blog. Oh, the language is Italian.

katy said...

hiya ecce, thanks for visiting.

update: thoguh it took him one hundred years to fall asleep, he did, and he seems to be doing alright at the moment.

he appriciates the get well wishes, so thank you all :)

arch.memory said...

I hope Ryan gets better soon! Best wishes...

katy said...

ashraf, ryan says "thank you".