Friday, January 20, 2006

on Marie Howe

here is the best eleven dollars and ninety five cents i have ever spent.

The Good Thief is a mere 52 pages of poetry, yet the most breath taking, stunning... i am in love with you marie howe.

there is a sore on my back
from where i lent into the counter;
reading your words doubled my weight
i could not stand, but listen.
my inner voice turned into something
under a trance and swaying to yours.

really, i hurt myself and i didn't feel it happening.

marie is a magnificent and powerful woman--my new role model. i want to grow up to be as much a poet as she.

i had the opportunity to read almost every poem out loud, in full range of my voice. i fear though, my own voice is lacking the nuance and grace of marie's intention. she's that good.


arch.memory said...

Let never a sun make you feel darker;
what's a moon without it?
And what's a night without a moon?

arch.memory said...

We should start a Marie Howe fan club and contact her! (And I'll make her a tiara of wax, with faded pictures inside!)