Friday, January 27, 2006

the hotel science series (cont.again)

hotel science X

housekeepers' complaints
are triggered primarily
by lack of sufficient gratuity.

hotel science XI

not all pillows are created equal.

hotel science XII

extensive observations have revealed
that the mean* distance
traversed by a pool-side chair
is 67.52 miles within a 12-month period.

hotel science XIII

if the total percent taxes of town and state
are less than the total percent discount applicable
then the guest saves money.

the guest saves money if and only if
the aforementioned guest
has the appropriate documents.

hotel science XIV

i am not sure if i am representing
the roman numerals correctly any more.

*also known to poets as the "average"

i would like to declair my love for mathworld. can a poet have a favorite website dedicated to mathmatics? well, she does; even though most of it doesn't make any sense to her. *grin*


Mr. Matos said...

Hotels are wonderful places.

I love your poems, even though I hate poetry.

That is a compliment, I swear.

katy said...

why do you hate poetry, enriko? poetry does not hate you.

Brian Boutwell said...

Number x1, made me LOL.



Brian Boutwell said...

Oh and XIV, is definately a keeper. Perfect for about right in the middle of the sequence of series of hotel absurdities.



Brian Boutwell said...

Katy, for number XII, how about:

extensive observations have revealed
that the mean distance a pool-side chair
travels in a 12-month period

is 67.52 miles.



katy said...

glad you like them brian :)

i will mess about with the pool-chair one and try, like you suggested, to get the fancy number towards the end. i definatly like the line break; suits what i've been doing with the rest of the piece.

thank you!!