Thursday, April 27, 2006

the life of tammy

tammy started wearing nail polish when she was 4. her mom bought her a bottle of revlon at the local pharmacy; the one on belmont and river. she painted her own toes, let her mom do her fingers. she used the entire bottle by her 5th birthday. she asked for more colors, asked for glitter, asked for cotton balls and remover. a beautician was born.

tammy got her first purse when she was 7. she saw it at toys'r'us in the barbie isle. pink with a bright blue-and-yellow flower; glittery plastic. every girl's dream. she'd gone there herself, to get out of the rain, waiting until her mom go off work from the ihop across the lot. without any money, but with enough motivation. a thief was born. the bag stayed in her locker at school until school got out for the year. she told her mom a friend lent it to her for the summer.

more on the life of tammy later.


Girlcreeture said...

Curiouser and curiouser...

I have the perfect photo to accompany this, totally NOT a photo you would expect either, crappity I need to remember where it is!

Stay tuned in about a month for when I finally find/get to it o___O

katy said...


could you email it to me when you find the photo and i'll repost this poem (this part of the poem) with the photo.

if you want to, if you feel motivated enough, we could compile the life of tammy together. photos and poems, not necessarily one photo for each poem or visa versa.

and i can let you in on the grand scheme that is tammy, too. notlike it's anything mystical, just a projection of what tammy is, was, and
will become.

excited ness

narrative poetry and photography

works i think

Girlcreeture said...

I squeal with the anticipation of new and fun projects!

My evening's agenda requires quick scampering home from work to get the man-man for an encore of Silent Hill (we're using our AMC passes*) and I have a pretty good idea of where it is so if it is where I think it is (Who's on first?) I will scan it and send it along.

*Did you and Ryan get that settled with them I hope?

katy said...

no we did not get that settled with the lovely amc of danvers because they would not allow any refunds without the card present at the venue. and there is no way in heaven or hell that i'm driving all the way to danvers for $18 when it would cost us that much in gas to get there. they knew they were having problems that night, can see that our card was charged, but swear that they can't do anything for us. guess what... am never going to an amc theatre again.