Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the bay-state agenda

orientation towards the atlantic recovered coast
erratically misplaced glacial wash off
(aka all the rocks in your back yard)
we're better than you because we pay higher taxes
on everything; standard automobile insurance

even our trash is most expensive, more closet millionaires
per capita and we're dunkies' country with one krispy
and no cream but for the milk in our hard serve
who gave birth to the chaos of ben&jerry's,
the new food pyramid and cars run on flax seed oil

a university on every corner releases 'wicked cool'
to the notoriously bad drivers bred by conditions
designed by herds of witty cows licking oyster shells
the hills have their own seasons, but you
haven't seen this much excitement since your bar mitzvah

and the cape disguises it's hokey dozen behind
property you only dream about, the bog is red
the cove is green and your wallet is empty
before you step out of your car because the price of ketchup
has an 80% increase as soon as the daffodils bloom

is not exactly a tribut to massachusetts.


arch.memory said...

Hmmm, this is a new Katy voice...

katy said...

admittedly not one i am very fond of, nor have any kind of a grasp on.