Monday, February 10, 2014

tea, biscotti, dress, scarf, cardy february

i had a relaxing monday morning.  a few cups of vanilla infused tea and some homemade orange and cranberry biscotti ryan brought home from seeing a now-retired co-worker made for a rather delightful breakfast.  a breakfast which helped me to focus away from the pain in my right pointer finger.  pain caused by Rowdy putting up a fight against taking his medicine.  he's obviously feeling quite a lot better now, after his dental work, and really doesn't want to be hassled by yucky tasting pills.  my hands look like I've run them through a paper shredder.   the attack on my pointer finger is by far the most painful though.  hopefully the pain will reduce and i won't find myself at the doctor's office getting rabbis and tetanus shots.
as for dresses, we might begin to see some repeats after this week.  even though I have another 10 or so dresses, they are rather fancy and/or light; therefore, they are not really appropriate or comfortable for day to day work.  there are still more scarves this blog hasn't seen, and the combinations abound.


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Nicole said...

Have I ever mentioned how adorable you are?