Thursday, February 13, 2014

chamber bathroom... bathroom chamber? dress a day and all that too.

woke up in a happy mood with jack purring at the foot of the bed.  was slow going, but nothing unusual.  then accidentally burned my mouth with hot tea and immediately dipped my whole robe sleeve in the lasagna pan that had been soaking over night in soapy water (basically, just gross).  

all was well, though.  i read about bitcoin in new scientist magazine and had a shower.  realized getting out of the shower, though, that it was pretty much time i should be heading out the door.  so i rushed around.  

i completely forgot to take my picture.  so i took one of my outfit today in the bathroom mirror here at work.  so silly.  but that's what i get for committing to things.  and being the sort of person who will put in all the effort she can to follow through.  

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